E-30 Water effect resin

E-30 Extremely transparent
Water effect resin

2 part epoxy casting resin

E-30 is a 2 part epoxy resin and comes with dosage instructions for use. A stable compact compound is obtained after curing. The compound is extremely transparent and clear. The mixture can be casted in a cavity caved out of any material. Self-levelling therefore can reproduce water or a river. Slow reacting - 8 to 10 hours to completely cure permitting the casting of large volumes of mixture up to 2 to 3 cm thick without producing excessive heat during curing. When the resin is in the process of curing, we can intervene in various different ways, for example, to create waves by blowing warm air with a hairdryer to soften the resin, or to create ripples by working the surface with a small spatula or a clean brush.

-Does not require the use of heat - Odourless - Does not melt polystyrene
-Self-levelling, does not shrink or crack
-Can be coloured in large quantities with PENTASOL coloured pastes, creating the impression of depth

Each confection comes in separate containers already measured and ready to use. To prepare smaller quantities, measure the resin and catalyst according to the instructions on the pack.





E 30 ing.pdfE 30 ing.pdf